Muskogee Musician Makes the National Circuit

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Unless you live under a rock (and can't get any TV reception there), you know that Oklahoma has set loose many musican talents; Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, The Swon Brothers and more are just the tip of the iceberg. We found another musical giant just waiting in the wings to get Oklahoma reception, despite the fact he's already popular in other parts of the country. His name is Free Kennedy and if you haven't heard him yet, you might wanna give him a listen, because he's gonna go places.

Free Kennedy (with a name like that, you know he has to go big) has been doing this whole music thing for many years (and it shows). A Muskogee boy for most of his life, he started out going off to Chicago where he fronted the bands Double Shot and Curbside Life, and both attempts went regional, but each time, the members ended up going off in pursuit of solo ventures. "I really started getting attention from girls and that was my initial drive to keep playing and performing," Kennedy laughs. "As I got older though, I really began to truly love making music and performing live, and I finally realized I had to give it a serious shot as a career." Somehow, though, Free was not where he needed to be yet and after the second disbanding, he loaded up and headed to Nashville to pursue his country music career.

Free found some of the best studio musicians to put out an EP of six songs and it turns out that it was one of the best things he could have done - the 618 Music Group offered him a contract and management right away. One listen to his music and you'll know why. Free's songs are all about the everyday issues in life; growing up, getting hurt, finding (and losing) love and the kinds of things we common folk understand. His music speaks to your heart and common sense. What makes Free's music different in his approach and his unique style. His passion comes blaring out; even with the volume turned down. It's riding down a dirt road in your truck with the windows down and your favorite dog riding shotgun. His music paints pictures that everyone gets the meaning of. We loved that his songs speak to all of us. No hidden messages and no double-meanings - just toe tappin' good music with all the ingredients and seasonings coming together to make a country music stew that always tastes good - even cold. We fell in love with his single, "Bonfire" immediately.

You can listen to what's Free's genius has drummed up before you buy. Check him out at and once you've decided to buy his music (and we think you will), go on over to and grab some of his CDs for stocking stuffers or for that hard-to-buy-for person who has it all. If you want to know more about Free, check in with him on Facebook or Twitter (freekennedy).

Some other musicians that might make you proud to be an Okie are to be found all over the place too. Our friend and musican mentor, Julie Watson, gave us some other musical greats worth your time:
1. Travis Linville - "Sun or Moon"
2. Parker Millsap - "Palisade"
3. Kristen Hemphill - "Futureman"
4. Red Dirt Rangers - "The Lone Chimney"
5. The Tandems - "The Long Vacation"

American Dream

American Dream
American Dream, the new EP from Free Kennedy, mastered by Jim Kimball, available now!